Studio Omana


Studio Omana offers interior styling and creative consultation of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Omana’ in Sanskrit means ‘Woman, Giver of Life’. With such powerful meaning and strong reference to the magical country of ‘Oman’, Theresa, Founder and Creative Director, was inspired to call her business Studio Omana.

She began to understand the significance of living beautifully at an early age. Surrounded by creative women in her family, she absorbed their profound love and care for design.

She enjoys working with both contemporary and classic design ideas and appreciates incorporating artisanal pieces from around the world. Together, we've developed a typographic branding that exudes presence through its bold typeface. The o-letters have been transformed into a distinctive signet. Theresa’s inspiration comes from nature, art, textures, colours, sights and smells, that has influenced our choice of four corporate colors.

  • Area of work:
  • Logo Design
  • Printed Matter
  • Creative Consulting
SObyGrafikApartment_CorporateColors SObyGrafikApartment_PrintedMatter_01 SObyGrafikApartment_PrintedMatter_02 SObyGrafikApartment_PrintedMatter_03 SObyGrafikApartment_PrintedMatter_04 SObyGrafikApartment_PrintedMatter_06 SObyGrafikApartment_PrintedMatter_08
SObyGrafikApartment_PrintedMatter_09 SObyGrafikApartment_PrintedMatter_11 SObyGrafikApartment_Sand_digital SObyGrafikApartment_Sand_Icon SObyGrafikApartment_Sand_Logo SObyGrafikApartment_SkyBlue_digital SObyGrafikApartment_Terracotta_digital SObyGrafikApartment_Verticals_digital
  • Copywriting: Verena Kolm
  • Portfolio Photography: Lisa Leutner
  • Paper: Design & Paper

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