Liv by Design


Olivia Zazzara is a half American, half Italian based in Vienna. Her passion for aesthetics and design led her to pursue her dream of becoming an interior designer and founded “Liv by Design” in 2017. What started as a hobby in 2017 has blossomed into a full-time venture, creating beautiful spaces. From 2020 to 2023, she co-owned Liv's Place , a serviced apartment company.

Transitioning into a new phase, Liv is now focusing on building her own design and lifestyle brand with the goal of helping people create beautiful, functional living spaces that reflect their unique style and personalities.

For this new phase, we have created the branding, which consists of a two-line typologo and a signet derived from the outline of the typologo. The typologo plays with the space between LIV and BY, which subsequently created an interesting shape and areas for our signet.

The background colors are natural earth tones, refreshed by pink and orange in the primary color combinations. Additionally, we have defined a light greige as possible type color.

More to come.

  • Area of work:
  • Branding
  • Business Cards

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