Inspired by the contemporary woman, Attrē strikes the balance between a timeless perspective and modern aesthetics. Based on uncompromising quality, founders Maria Zelenko and Marina Stütz create sophisticated luxury jewelry by rethinking traditional forms while maintaining a sense of versatility.

Attrē is a variation of the French word "attrait", meaning "attraction" and "fascination". Terms which are often used in connection with natural diamonds. Their beauty and uniqueness are the starting point of each Attrē piece.

To emphasize the brand values, we have implemented a straight typographic branding. For the packaging, blind print finishing is used. The jewelry boxes laminated with paper from the Italian brand Fedrigoni and adorned with black foil embossing. The desire for silent luxury is also evident in the shopping bags and the black wax seal. As a secondary background color alongside white, a subdued greige is used, both digitally and for the business cards.

  • Area of work:
  • Branding
  • Printed Matter

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