Monte O Forno


MONTE O FORNO is the production facility for Monte Ofelios sweet dishes, which are available in both Monte Ofelio Bars. Cakes are made from scratch, e. g. the famous »torta caprese« – a delicious chocolate cake without flour – or the »chiffon cake« with a sugary glaze with lemons from the Amalfi Coast. Perfect for an Italian breakfast? Monte Ofelio’s freshly prepared »cornetti« with various fillings.

The logo design is based on the Monte Ofelio Bar logo, but with its own Corporate Colors. A fiery red for Forno and a complementing shade of blue-green.

  • Area of work:
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Colors
  • Corporate Fonts
Logo Monte O Forno
  • Client: Monte Ofelio
  • Project Management: Kerstin Siller
  • Portfolio Photography: Aaron Jiang
  • Logo Design Team Support: Katrin Geistler

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